Grafana service is down So what will be the causes of grafana service down

Grafana ui sometimes goes down without anyone stopping the service ,what could be the reasons of sudden stop in the application

  1. What do you mean by “goes down”? Do you mean it logs you out, or the
    browser window stops updating, or you can no longer log in to it, or something

  2. Does it affect all connected clients at the same time, only one, or a
    mixture, or does the effect propagate from one client to another until they are
    all “down”?

  3. When this happens, what does “netstat -lptn” tell you - is there still a
    service listening on port 3000?

  4. Have you tried doing a packet capture of traffic between Grafana and a client
    which is affected by this, to see what happens at the time the service “goes