Grafana Queries to plot on both +ve and -ve Y axis

I am using two timechart Splunk api queries via a dashboard panel, which returns same set of TS values which I need to plot on +ve and -ve Y axis using Grafana 6.x.
Query 1 : Index=x Connect| timechart count span=1m by a_client_host returns data on many hosts
Query 2: Index=x DisConnect| timechart count span=1m by a_client_host returns data on samehosts

I would like to plot the set returned query 1 on +ve y-axis and same set of data returned from query 2 on -ve y-axis to show connect different from disconnects. Any clue?


Multiply the result of query 2 by -1?


Can you please query 2 as where to multiply by -1 as Grafana does not allow it, may be I am doing something wrong.

Ah, I’m only familiar with using InfluxDb as the data store with Grafana, and
with that I can use the following as my Grafana query:

SELECT moving_average(sum(“cost”), 2) *-1 FROM “mqtt_consumer” WHERE (“topic”
= ‘$Platform’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(60s)

I use that to draw my “cost” graph below the X-axis, with my “revenue” graph
above the axis.

Whether the same idea is possible when Grafana is using different data stores,
I’m afraid I cannot say.