Grafana polystats view over time?

I have a question re visualation

I have an isilon cluster with a number of storage nodes which in turn have a number of disks.

I have used polystat to summarize disk performance at the node level. I have set a number of levels for the polystats to change colour to indicate node busyness.

Stats are polled every 5 minutes.
So to see colour change we need to be looking at the dashboard for possibly 10 minutes.

What I would like to do , if possible, is to be able to review a historical 24 hours and view the change not in real time in a compressed time frame, so for example

24 hours gets compressed down to 5 minutes and you can review node busyness over the day time like a youtube video.

If this is not possible and we need to provide a heatmap over the 24 period instead, i.e. a single static view rather than a 5 min dynamic view, I would be curious as how to gather the polystat data point over the 24 hour window and present to the heatmap.