Grafana panels not showing correct timestamp coming from Solr Datasource

Hi everybody,
I’m newbie of both Grafana and this community so I hope this is not the wrong place where to post this topic.
I’ve configured Grafana (v6.0.0) in order to retrieve data from Solr with the following datasource plugin:

Everything works great until I create a panel to show my data. My data are basically coming from log files so each entry has a timestamp.
This timestamp is not displayed correctly in grafana panel despite it seems to be retrieved correctly using query inspector, I attach a screenshot of what I mean.
Even with other kind of visualizations different from table, the result is the same.

It seems like it’s able to parse only year.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated, thanks in advance

Any news on the topic above? Does somebody can help me?

@lucap9 I also facing a similar problem. Did you fix the problem? If yes then how?

Unfortunately this issue at that time resulted blocking for me and I had not any luck to find the problem.
Then I abandoned the project, but I’m still curios to know on what this behavior depends.
If you or someone else discover something, please share :slight_smile: