Grafana OpenTSDB Annotaion


I’m trying to visualise the OpenTSDB global annotation on Grafana, but as of now no luck.
As per the OpenTSDB doc[OpenTSDB DOc] -( -

All annotations are identified by the startTime field and optionally the tsuid field. Each note can be global, meaning it is associated with all timeseries, or it can be local, meaning it’s associated with a specific tsuid. If the tsuid is not supplied or has an empty value, the annotation is considered to be a global note.

For global annotation I’m sending the data in POST request to OpenTSDB as mentioned below -

“tsuid”:"", // empty metric tsuid denotes global annotation
“description”: “Testing Annotations”,
“notes”: “These would be details about the event, the description is just a summary”,
“custom”: {
“owner”: “jdoe”,
“dept”: “ops”

The same annotation I’m not able to visualize on Grafana.

OpenTSDB Version - 2.4.0
Grafana Version - 6.5.0

Any kinda help would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks.