Grafana on Windows not visible to other devices

I tried referring other links on this forum and I am unable to get things to work.
In the default.ini file (I know I shouldnt edit it but i did it regardless), I changed the port to 80 for HTTP, disabled windows firewall and changed http_domain to
And yet, I cant access grafana on another device.
Further, I tried this with HTTPS but when I try to start grafana with https, it doesnt start. Gives me errors as so -
Grafana: Unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED in response to START control. This is after trying to start it once its stopped multiple times.


No idea why, but when I try accessing this on an android device (which is what I did) it does not work. The same step works perfectly on my iPhone though. Would have to check this out on another PC but I am very confused.