Grafana on ePaper/eInk


I have an eInk HDMI display (Dasung Paperlike Pro) that I want to use to show a Grafana dashboard (probably use a Raspberry Pi), is there a way to have a monochrome dashboard, white background and black graphics?


Why you need that? Display will create monochrome image (grayscale, not just white/black) from color image, usually.

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Thanks, in reality grayscale is just going to mean more dithering and pixel refresh, smearing, poor definition and all that.

With eInk it’s mostly about lots of contrast, thick black lines on pure white backgrounds, just like a paper novel.

OK, so you need high contrast theme. That doesn’t exist.

You can customise Grafana to be more e-paper friendly. Use light interface theme and then customise dashboard to use only black colour for timeseries when it is possible. That also limits number of timeseries on the graph 1 (you can use different line styles eventully), e.g.:

I don’t believe you will get better result with native config options. But you can still hack (= you need to have knowledge how to do that) on CSS level. Other option can be run some plugin on the browser level, which will transform page to high contrast (search in your favourite browser plugin).

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