Grafana on Debian VM with ESXi 6.7 Hypervisor

Hi All,

Has anyone noticed compatibility issues with grafana stable release on ESXi 6.7?
I’ve tried Debian 9 and Ubuntu VM’s but both crash - installed from repos.
After install and playing around developing the dash all is good.
About 1 minute after I load an iFrame or view in another browser it randomly crashes the server.
Memory spikes (running 2-4 cores, 4Gb memory, dedicated VM) and then boom, the whole show freezes, cant even log into the interface on vmware.

I have no logs because its a sudden freeze.
I have not gone through vmware logs just yet as for this latest project I dont have root access.

Not sure where to look for issues. Runs perfectly stable in AWS and on bare metal as Debian - even dense dashboards.
Might try compiling or installing from deb?
Have not tried debug or further extensive troubleshooting and google does not seem to come up with a result.

This is twice i’ve had this issue in as many years, previously I just ran it in aws.

Any ideas? Known issues? Poor googling skills?

TIA guys

Sorry to clarify “cant even log into the interface on vmware” means the instances interface not esxi interface itself!