Grafana Live + Telegraf error 404

I am following this tutorial: Stream metrics from Telegraf to Grafana | Grafana Labs

I am having issues getting Telegraf to send live metrics to Grafana. This is my error:
2021-08-02T07:55:44Z E! [agent] Error writing to outputs.http: when writing to [http://localhost:3000/api/live/push/test_id] received status code: 404

Now clearly, I am not hitting the right endpoint for Grafana to ingest metrics. However, I checked that I am hitting the correct port and endpoint according to the docs about Grafana Live.

I am running this on a MacOS. Any help is appreciated,

It looks like it was a grafana version problem. The image in the codebase was running grafana 7. Upgrading to grafana 8 had the endpoint and telegraf was able to send metrics.

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