Grafana Latest Ubuntu Docker container downgraded to 7.5.14

What the heck???

The grafana:latest-ubuntu container just downgraded to 7.5.14…

What happened? Should I use another tag instead of latest?

Maybe someone could take this opportunity to explain the difference between main and latest tag?

just ran grafana:latest-ubuntu and It pulled : v8.4.0-beta1 (d0871959b6)

Yes, this happened the day I posted it, which was 7 days ago… It reverted back to 8.4.0-beta1 - also see my other question suggesting a stable branch.

yeah, I saw that question :smile:

I’ve forwarded it to the squads. Hoping they can provide a nice, detailed answer

And now latest has reverted to 8.3.5 - which kinda makes sense.

But yeah, it seems maybe you should tighten up the QA about which releases get pushed to each channel. :grin:

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Today the latest channel has been switching between 8.5.0-beta1 and 8.4.6 several times.

Are you having “fun” with release channels again?? :grin::sunglasses:

Also see: Suggestion: stable tag for Docker