Grafana kiosk as screensaver

Dear users,

I’m quite new to Grafana.
I made an energy monitoring dashboard for my Victron ESS System, where the energy streams, battery temperature, SOC, etc are shown.

I’m a windows 10, 64-bit user.
I would like to let the kiosk pop up as a screensaver.

I tried the web-page-screensaver: How To Set Webpage As Screensaver In Windows 10

But the local host url does not work with that plugin unfortunately.
It would be very handy to be able to use this plugin, because you can switch between several webpages, which prevents the screen from burning in (if that is still a risk nowadays… :blush:)

Is there a grafana and windows app wizard, that made this work yet?
Or could we do this with another app?

Thank you.

I did find a newer project that is not archived: GitHub - pgnunes/web-screen-saver: Windows screensaver that iterates through a list of URLs but have never tried it so can’t give any recommendation.

Did you get any error message for the localhost url? Feels like it should work.

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