Grafana/Kibana Dashbaord which can show health of ELK cluster


Before starting the question i would like to clarify that i am newbie in Grafana & ELK stack so my question may sound stupid but i am here looking for help or someone to guide the best possible way to achieve it.

We have recently setup ELK stack on our onprem infra on Kubernetes. We are using Grafana for visualization purpose. We are transitioning from Splunk so just want to make things similar to Splunk so its easy for end users to use the product. I would like to prepare some sort of dashboard which can display following things

1 - Name of pods where Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana are running
2 - health of each nodes / Pods
3 - Version of ELK stack ( It is possible that ELK may have different versions)

Any help around this would be appreciated.