Grafana Items list not using true regular expressions

I’m using Grafana 9.2.6 monitoring Zabbix. I have two types of items I need to filter from the list of hosts I have available. One is “PDU power”, and the others start with “PDU power” and end with a number from 00 to 20, e.g. “PDU power 01” and “PDU power 07” etc.
The problem is that when I try to craft an Grafana Item regex to only select these two items for graphing like so:

/PDU power [0-9]{1,2}|PDU power/

I end up with other items like “PDU power outlet 03” which I don’t want.

This leads me to believe that the regex in the Item field is not a true regex implementation.

Please help as there is no documentation for Grafana’s item regex list.