Grafana Guage Dial is not displaying the absolute value in correct manner

Hi Team,

I have successfully collected the Grafana agent metrics and be able to report that to the dashboard. However, the dial movement is not accurate for the absolute value in the Grafana dashboard. How to fix the issue ?

I can see the values displayed in the dashboard are accurate but as shown in the image, the dial movement in gauge is inaccurate. How to fix this ?

what do you mean it is inaccurate? can you expound

Hi @yosiasz ,

As displayed in the attached screenshot, the dial in Gauge for 2+ % of total usage in 0-100 scale is showing half full for one server and other is at 25% full. The dial

The movement of dial in accordance with the usage is not accurate. Do I need to provide any min/max kind of settings for Gauge type panels ?

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The issue has been fixed. The dial movement is based on the scale as minimum and maximum that we provide in the standard options section in gauge settings.


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