Grafana Expressions

Sorry for my English.

I have 2 datasources of Elasticsearch.
I want to find the number (count) of documents in both data sources that have the same field value.

Hi @frostwar,

I believe you can accomplish what you want using the mixed datasource and then using transformations. You’ll need Grafana 7.x or higher.

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Grafana docs on transformation types
Grafana docs on mixed datasources

Hello. How can I calculate the same values of two queries from different data sources? I already did “Merge” and “Group By” operations


I need to match the number of identical values

Have you explored Grafana’s expressions feature? It is still experimental.

It’s not worked for me

чт, 15 апр. 2021 г., 4:25 matt abrams via Grafana Labs Community Forums <>:

How can i count similiar fields?

I have data like this one:

I want to receive “1” count…