Grafana - Export tables without loading

Hello friends,

I am developing a grafana dashboard for clients to download data from a database. Currently the data that each user needs, is displayed in a table and can be easily exported.

The problem arises when there are requests of several million rows, which slows down grafana a lot when displaying the data. Is there any way to export/download this data directly without displaying the table?

Thank you,

What requirement dictates that millions of rows are requested? How useful is a million record for a user

Grafana is for visualization you are attemting to use it for data export. I would recommend you create another means


You are right, but Grafana makes it easy for us to do the queries and the graphical web interface without having programmed it. And of course any recommendation on your part about a better tool is welcome.

So each user need 1 million+ rows exported? What for? What are the requirements

Also what kind if server is it? Mysql or ms sql server?