Grafana - ElasticSearch Data Source - Variable Selection is not updating the dashboard

I am new to Grafana and I am using ElasticSearch as an Data Source. I have created a variable called “Country” which should ideally be displaying all the Country Names (Country_Vendor is the field name).

*** It is successful as it shows all the Country names under Preview.

Query - {"find": "terms", "field": "Country_Vendor.keyword"}

Name - Country

Refresh - On Dashboard Load

However, in Dashboard when I select any particular Country Name, it does not reflect only that Country’s data. instead I see details of all countries. If I select CHINA, dashboard still shows the detail of all countries, instead of only China.

How to fix this issue. Please help me.


What is your dashboard query? Is there any $Country to reflect the value of the variable?

Fadjar Tandabawana

Thanks for the reply…
I figured out the issue. I mentioned Country_Vendor : $Country in each panel query and it worked.