Grafana doesn't send any annotations after the state changing from OK to alerting

  1. I have configured a notification channel whose type is DingDing,and result of sending test is successful;
  2. I didn’t configure the “for” field;
  3. My grafana version is v6.0.1;
    Any suggestion will be grateful :slight_smile:
    The following is my state history:

did you add the notification channel to the alert or check the “send on all alerts”

Yes, in the “send to” part, I’ve configured my notification channel whose “send on all alerts” switch had been opened.

When I clean the content of Message or just put some plain text such as “ERROR数超过15个”, the alert goes well.
But if I fill the Message with these content

“{“msgtype”: “link”,“link”: {“text”: “alert content”,“title”: “Title”,“picUrl”: “”,“messageUrl”: “XXXXXXX”}}”,

I got an error log like this:

t=2019-05-16T11:18:26+0800 lvl=eror msg=“Failed to create Json data” logger=alerting.notifier.dingding error=“invalid character ‘m’ after object key:value pair” dingding=DingDing
t=2019-05-16T11:18:26+0800 lvl=eror msg=“Alert Panic” logger=alerting.engine error=“runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference” stack="[engine.go:175 asm_amd64.s:522 panic.go:513 panic.go:82 signal_unix.go:390 simplejson.go:75 dingding.go:78 notifier.go:67 notifier.go:107 notifier.go:112 notifier.go:58 result_handler.go:100 engine.go:218]"

So, what Message format should I follow if I want to send to a notification channel whose type is “DingDing” ?

still unresolved
Message format for “DingDing” type notification channel is wanted, thx :pleading_face: