Grafana does not display float numbers from InfluxDB2 using Flux Datasource


I am working on the geomap plugin for grafana 8.5.4.
I use influxDB2 and Flux datasource.

In InfluxDB2 cloud portal all float numbers are injected properly.
For example:

long: -88.89273019
lat: 33.189109

When I go to Grafana Dashboard and check “Table View” option to see the row data. I can see this


Kind of weird, -88 has no floating points at all and 33.2 has only the first one.

My query is pretty simple at this point:
from(bucket: “geo-location”)
|> range(start: v.timeRangeStart, stop:v.timeRangeStop)

Any ideas ?

I think that is a known issue. The main concern would be, does it plot it properly in geomap :wink:

It does not display anything in the geomap, Thought this is the issue. There is no way to confirm anything if I have incorrect data coming there.

All Visualizations don’t show a full float number. Only a partial. So I assume this is the problem.

So you say, known issue. Can you point me to the case number please ?

have you specified the long lat in the configuration of geomap?

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in influxdb

in grafana

yes, I got it to work. I had to use Merge Transformation yet. I have all my locations in place. But it is very weird that I cannot plot float numbers in grafana coming from InfluxDB via FLUX. So I want to understand the original floating problem.

Mine works right out of the box, no merge no transformation. Is the data saved as float in influxdb?

yes, values are stored as float. You probably send data differently, hmm can you share the data structure ?

Hi, folks!
Same problem here, any solution?


Can you be a bit specific? What problem are you encountering?

Hi, @yosiasz ! Tanks for u replay :blush:

I’m writing latitude/longitude on influx bucket. On influx data explorer, i can see all floating values, using flux language. But, on grafana explore this floatings values is rounding to int values, also using flux.
My tempoary solution is convert lat/lon to Geohash and saving, but i would to anderstand if is a issue or my mistake.