Grafana Docker crashing when log file is to big

I’m having the issue, that Grafana in Docker crashes, when the log file is to big. As soon as I delete the log file, it works again for approx. 3-4 days. How can this be fixed? To clear the log, I use the following command:
echo “” > /var/lib/docker/containers/44b8449f2493c550ab1bfeff2b74cc0b1ea9f0bbd56f5de6a1c550d27a382012/44b8449f2493c550ab1bfeff2b74cc0b1ea9f0bbd56f5de6a1c550d27a382012-json.log

What log size is too big in your case? Which docker logging driver is used? Do you have free space in /var/lib/docker/?