Grafana DNS entry


I’ve added a DNS entry → IP of server.
I’ve also changed some line in the grafana.ini config file. Unfortunetely I cannot reach the site via Did I miss something? Currentyl Grafana is only reachable via the IP/3000

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Hi @tim197

Can you describe your setup/infrastructure a bit more? Where are you hosting your grafana instance? Are you using a reverse proxy like nginx to proxy to your domain?

sorry for my late response…
grafana is running in an internal network. We don’t use a reverse proxy yet. Just normal grafana installation.
We already created a DNS entry for = IP

Clients are connected vis zscaler to our internal network. A rule to allow requests to this url was already added in zscaler. Test-NetConnection for port 3000 is successful.

But currently, I can access grafana neither via ip nor url.