Grafana DNS caching for Datasource URL

Does grafana do DNS Caching of the datasource URL ?

We are planning to setup a dns infront of multiple prometheus & based on the prometheus health-check, the domain will resolve to running prometheus only.

With this way, we can set only one prometheus datasource for our prometheus cluster.

Thank you,

Hi @karancode,
not sure if you can use KeepaliveD (or some other VRRP implementation, depending on your platform/OS) but that is how we have solved this. There is one DNS name that resolves to a shared virtual IP address. Usually the process that manages the VIP (definitely when using KeepaliveD) has health checks that can be used to set the priority level for each member of the VIP. The one that seems most healthy will get the VIP.
I would expect fail over of the VIP would be faster than DNS changes… But I could be wrong.


@b0b Thanks for the reply.
In my case as we use AWS, I am thinking of using router53’s health checks (DNS Failover).
You can check the docs here