Grafana deployment Strategy

Hi all,

Hoping to get feedback on what would be the best strategy to mass deploy Grafana?

Option1: Setup a bunch of grafana behind a VIP , and Provision the datasource and dashboards
– Downside is potential 100s of Dashboards and data sources which aint to Team Friendly

Option2: Spin up a grafana per Team and provision a default set datasources and dashboards, Then each team is free to build their custom Dahboard.

We have multisite, Multiregions global teams and activities. How are those with big implentations handing this problem? And how you delivering?
Have all the tools to mass deploy like ansible, git …

Feedback appreciated

Option1 is probably the most common, you can assign permissions on folders to specific teams. And in the Enterprise version you can assign permissions on data sources as well so teams only can access data sources relevant to them.

Appreciate the feedback.
So with Option 1: I can assign Permissions to data sources. What about Dashboards ?

I don’t want all teams seeing all dashboards.

Finally I can’t find anything on capacity planning.
For argument sakes let say 500 users with 2 000 dashboards. What sizing am I looking at ? (VM’s only)


“I don’t want all teams seeing all dashboards”
I would suggest a SSO authentication via a LDAP feed manage the users via a LDAP group

500 users with 2 000 dashboard
I would say that this REALLY depends on several items. How complex are your dash boards… It really is more of a issue with how well written are the querys for the data and how often the refresh intervals are and how many dashboards are actually being viewed at one time. Grafan itself is pretty light weight and does not do a ton of the processing (Exception is alerts and a few other items)

At the scale that you are at I really would suggest hitting up the corp team and talking to Graham and others from grafana.