Grafana DB changes with HA and blue green deployment


I’m running Grafana in HA mode with 5 instances using the same shared DB.

I also have blue green deployment in place, this means that when a new version of Grafana is released we deploy it on the same DB as the production one (after it has passed the test phase).

My question is related to DB schema changes. As far as I have understood, when the new Grafana version starts up it will perform the update of the DB. At this point what will happen to the original Grafana? Will it keep working or will it notice the DB changes and start trowing errors?

When changes are made to the DB are they backwards compatible?

Thank you for your time.


Some DB schema changes are not backwards compatible. Please check release notes before starting a blue-green deployment on Grafana. For example, in the upgrade instructions for version 5.0: “Dashboards saved in v5 will not work in older versions of Grafana” (source).

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