Grafana Dashboard missing concourse metrics data

We are using a docker deployment of Prometheus stack (Prometheus, Grafana, Nginx, DB) to monitor Concourse (application) deployments across our NP and PROD foundations. Currently storing 32 days if data. We noticed that the dashboard is missing data on daily basis. No evidence of scrape failures/timeouts noticed. We have 5 concourse web nodes configured as “targets” in configs, each reporting healthy and available for scrapes. scrape interval is set to 10m & timeout 8m. Running deployment counter queries against the web nodes manually to compare the grafana metrics and we are missing metrics in grafana. I have tried running queries directly against prometheus also.

Query: sum(rate(concourse_builds_finished{exported_job=~“deploy-blue-prod|deploy-prod|deploy-blue-prod-haf-1”,status=“succeeded”}[1h])* 3600)
Datasource: Prometheus (default)
Interval: 50m

Has anyone noticed this behavior? any recommendations?