Grafana Dashboard for database backup alert

Hi All,

I am trying to create a Grafana dashboard which provide details and alerts for when a database backup has been completed or when it failed. How can I accomplish this? Any help on this would be greatly appreciaed it.


Different ways

  1. Saving the backup result data meaning a log file showing the backup is completed with time stamps then using telegraf to read the data
  2. log results can be sent to influx if its on acceptable format
  3. logdata shipped to any thing that can be read by grafana
    more and more
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Hi Team,

I have another thought process ,
I am taking Daily backup with retention of 2 weeks.
Everyday backup stored in Date Format Folder “YYYY-MM-DD”

So , is there a way to diplay all 14 days Folder size in Graph, So in that way i can see my backup script triggered and backed some thing .