Grafana: Combination of variables (Athena Dataset)

Goal: I got an Athena Dataset that is visualized with grafana. With this i want to create several variables so i can precisely select individual areas . The test-data has a format similar to this one:

Time SensorID Location Measurement 
 /      1      Berlin     12.1 
 /      2      London     14.0 
 /      3      NewYork    23.3 
 /      3      Sydney     45.1 
 /      2      London      1.3 
 /      1      NewYork    17.3 
 /      2      Berlin     18.9 
 /      3      Sydney      4.8

I now want 2 variables where i can select the SensorID and Location at the same time . For example if i select SensorID = 1 and Location = Berlin => Measurement in my Grafana Graph should be 12.1 .

Is there a solution to solve this issue, because the syntax for the athena plugin is very new to me even if it is similar to mysql. I tried to create the syntax but it wont work for me (see the pictures below):

Creation of the first variable

Creation of the panel function for the different variables

I would really look forward to hear about possible solutions or help for the athena syntax :slight_smile: