tutorials links broken

not working since last 10 days any idea why ?


Which browser are you using?
Is this still not working? What about if you append /#1 at the end of the URL? Maybe the redirection to the first step is blocked on your side.

I can access it without any issue (Firefox on Windows):

Thanks Agnes … Still not working for me though.
I am using Chrome v79 and tried on IE 10 and also Microsoft Edge .
I dont have FireFox on my machine.

Just tried it in Chrome (v85) and Edge and still no issue…

Do you have any errors in the console? And do you have access to the other tutorials?

Thanks for following up on this Agnes.

Yes , seeing this error in console. My chrome version is 75 not sure if its specific to that.
From mobile i am able to browse through with different chrome version.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘?’