Grafana Cloudwatch AWS Billing Cost


I am using Grafana AWS Billing graphs with cloudwatch, I currently use few services , i am getting cost for services as well as Total cost , but i want one more field as Others which should be like Total Cost - Cost of Current services

If Total is $100 and cost for 5 services is $60 (Which i am displaying in my graph)

I want expression for this like Others = Total cost - cost for 5 services

which is Others = 100 - 60 = 40

My graph should show 7 lines

1 -> Total Cost
2 -> Cost of 5 Services ie 5 lines of 5 different services
3 -> Others Cost ie Cost of Service except those 5 services

Can any one help me to write query or expression for this.

You need to use AWS Metric Math to calculate “Others Cost”.