Grafana beginner needs help: Total count since for few years for multiple matching nodes


I have two counters ‘Started’ and ‘Completed’ in an app and the ‘Started’ and ‘Completed’ counters increments every time a user interacts in a certain way with the app respectively.
I want to in Grafana (Graphite) show a simple graph showing total numbers of ‘Started’ and ‘Completed’ since a few years back (when the counters started to increment) where there are wildcards in my Grafana Series expression which will match multiple series., e.g. n1.n2.n3.n4. *.n6. *.count.meter.count. Node #5 where there is a wildcard which can match some hundred nodes but the wildcard in node #7 is either ‘started’ or ‘completed’.
I tried
groupByNodes(n1.n2.n3.n4. *.n6. *.count.meter.count, ‘sum’, 3, 6)
but as I discovered it does not aggregate the total since the beginning of time, it only shows the sum of for series per time bucket. I have also tried lots of other functions and combinations of functions in Grafana with no luck.
If need be I can live with to split the two counters into two different graphs.

I would be very grateful to anybody who would have a solution for the above, especially if it comes soon since I have a deadline for when this needs to be solved.

If anything is not clear what I am looking to do, let me know and I will fill with more information straight away.

Many thanks,