Grafana bar graph with multiple column values

Hi Team, I have to show a bar graph with multiple column values in the graph with day. While choosing bar graph with Format as “Table” then I can see metrics titles are appending with “A” before the metric. Example: metrics are resolved, unresolved, lost but graph showing the metrics as 'A resolved, ‘A unresolved’. Can you please address below issues.

  1. Should append metric with ‘A’ before the metric title
  2. first and third bar is not listing all the metrics values columns with colors


Please let me know if I need to change the query.

I figured out the solution with my colleague

  1. In panel.json we should use “refId”: “” as empty initially it has “refId”: “A”
  2. In panel.json or visualitzation UI we should make stack value as true(enable) stack: true