Grafana and sqlite vulnerability

Hi all,
we are using grafana 5.3.2 docker image with sqlite persistence.
Due a question about the magellan remote code execution vulnerabiliy in sqlite I have to check which version of sqlite is grafana working on and if it’s using sqlite’s FTS3 feature.
I was not able to found these information: could you please address or tell me this informations?

I can see from go source that there is a go sqlite3 driver but I’m not able to found the related sqlite version.

–EDIT more precise data:
Affected sqlite versions are < 3.25.3 with FTSE extension enabled.

Thank you in advance.

you need to ssh to the docker image after you run it and use the command line or look in the config file to find the sqlite version

Thank you very much: I found that the docker image seems to inherit the debian stretch one, that is currently 3.16.x -> sqlite
3.16.2-5+deb9u1 (libsqlite)

But I’m not able to undestand if FTS3 extension is used, I will assume that current grafana docker image is vulnerable and try to update on my local docker image.
Thank you again for the help.
Kind regards,