Grafana Alerts - hiding markers on dashboard panels for Alert status

Hi - I am in the process of setting up a few alerts in Grafana for a couple different dashboard panels. I noticed that it shows vertical markers for each “Alerting” status and each “OK” status. That’s great to be able to see when/where it triggered, however, it dirties up the panel-graph and makes it look more confusing such that I see a bunch of extra vertical lines when trying to look at the graph from afar.

Is there a way to suppress these markers?



Same problem here. How to disable it?

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Any update on this? Alerts using conditions like diff are coloring most of the graph without any useful addition…

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Yes, you can disable them now.

Go into the settings of the panel, choose “Panel” on the right, scroll down and open “Display” and disable “Alert thresholds”.