Grafana Alerting rolling back changes across multiple browser tabs, losing work

I am working on creating custom templates and alerts. There is a bug that happens randomly where the code changes and settings changes are reverting. It appears that each browser tab is somehow caching the code / inputs on various pages and then replaying them when i go back in, ignoring the actual code on the server that had been saved, this has wasted hours of my day trying to troubleshoot.

How to reproduce.

Open two browser windows, use one to make changes to a notification template or contact point. Now go to another browser tab, edit and make changes. Switch back and forth and randomly one of them will start showing changes you made prior to the other tab saving.

It is very possible this is also happening in a single tab, but i can’t say for sure yet. Either way i’ve lost a LOT of work over the last 2 days and i am resorting to copy and paste every edit to a local text file to ensure i save changes.

Grafana 10.3.3 Self-hosted, community edition.
Build: 252761264e