Grafana Alerting not working as expected in Percona monitoring and management dashboard

Hi Guys,
I have setup PMM dashboard with PMM server latest version. I am setting up alerting for important mysql metrics. I came across certain template variables (like mysql connections,mysql client thread connectivity, mountpoint etc…,) and i followed blog ( and configured it. I can see the graphs and test rule is working fine (email gets delivered when the condition is met). But only the test rule is working, after that i save the dashboard and alerting is not happening.

All configurations(smtp relay) and alert rules are set correctly. Test rule is working but the alert evaluation is not happening periodically( every 60s in my case). What am i missing here.

I raised it in the percona community ( where i provided all the alert metrics& other details for investigation. Raising it in grafana community on their advice.

Thanks in advance