Grafana Alert notification email does not save

Does anyone know why when I add my email to to the alerting notifications to email me alert, save it, when I come back in it does not save?

API - Grafana v 6.6.2



Do you get an error or something similar? If you click F12 and open the Network tab, is there anything red there? Have you set up a mail server? Could you maybe provide some screenshots?

Tobias, I appreciate your help. What it turned out to be is , my email was not added to the notification channel.

Grafana has a little box where you can type in your email to get notified in alerting. You save the page and its stays there.

If you go out of grafana log back in , my email is no longer there.

Now I am not getting any emails when I set it to fail on purpose.

I wish there were some diagnostic tool that could give me a clue as to why there’s no notification.