Grafana Alert as standalone

Can I know whether grafana support alert standalone. I want use grafana for alert only. The database will be elasticsearch

Welcome to the Grafana forum. Of course, you can use Grafana for the alert features only. It would be like buying a car and not wanting to drive it, but only use it to listen to the radio, but hey ho, whatever goes.

Hi so the steps same. I need install the entire grafana. I search online i cant find grafana alert installation only. The reason is visualization i am using Kibana. I plan to use alert function first. then slowly move to grafana for visualization

While we have hopes to extract the new alerting engine from Grafana so that you can run it as a standalone service, today it is still embedded in Grafana. If you’re only using it for alerting, you can just skip dashboard creation and go straight to the alerting UI. The rest of the service shouldn’t be too heavy on resource usage if you’re not actually viewing dashboards etc.

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