Grafana Admin Tools Missing

Hello, I have been setting up extensive dashboards, and adding users (all non-admin) to my Grafana interface over many weeks. Today, when I login, I can find none of the normal tools I’ve had. I seem to only a non-admin user. I cannot add new dashboards. I cannot see other user accounts that I created for the rest of my team. I have only the Graf logo upper left, Search, Dashboards (Home, manage, play list, snaphots) then at bottom My Account info and documentation. What happened, but more important, how to I restore all of my admin tools. (Explore, alarm manager, config wheelie,etc.)

Edit – in Preferences, I see that my role is Viewer. How did I get demoted? And how to I promote myself back to admin. Very weird.

Hi @greg3345,

Have you tried resetting the admin password using grafana-cli?

No, I have not. Could you elaborate? Thank you.

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