Grafana 8 - Graph disappearing from our dashboard(s)

  • Last week we upgraded from Grafana 7.5 to Grafana 8.1.1 - running into a container
    Since then whenever we edit/save a dashboard some graph seems to disappear. In this very specific case our disk space graph are concerned. Even I do not change anything, save and reload my page the graphs will be gone.

I will then restore the dashboard from a previous version and my graphs are back.

The really weird thing is that I do not see my graph as part of the JSON file anymore. Even when they are still visible before I save.

I really do not understand the issue here. Am i the only one facing this one ?

Please find here my dashboard JSON Ubuntu Pastebin

do you mean that they are “gone” like the queries are now broken, or gone as in the panels are “gone”. I was able to load that json into 8.1.2, fwiw. The panels were empty, of course, but they all seemed present…

By gone I just mean that the panel is no longer on my dashboard. Totally wiped out.

You said you just imported the json, did you had any panels about Disk usage ? One of them is ‘beemje04 - Disk usage for /home’. Because it exists on the dashboard I currently have (the source of the json output), but as mentionned above this panel (among others) will dissapear whenever I save. And does not seems to exist in the json.

I did some investigation with my test server still running on Grafana 7.5 and the very same dashboard goes from a ±3700 lines JSON to ±1500 lines in Grafana 8.

So in the process my json is getting smaller and loosing panels

When you say this, are you saying that you just upgraded Grafana and the auto-migrations truncated the JSON, or are you exporting/importing the JSON in some other way?

Both ways actually, during the upgrade it seems that the json were truncated, then again when I import json from an older server the json are truncated.

Downgrading grafana to 7.5 restored the dashboards an json to their original states.

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