Grafana 5.2.4 CloudWatch fail to save Datasource

Hi there,

I have been used and config the Grafana version 5.2.2 with AWS CloudWatch Data Source(Access & secret key) But when I run the upgrade the Grafana to version 5.2.4 I have the error when try to “save & test” button!


When I inspect the element - console from Chrome browser I saw this

POST 500 (Internal Server Error) angular.js:12759

My IAM user had CloudWatchFullAccess. I also try Auth Provider: Credentials file and put all Credentials profile name, as specified in ~/.aws/credentials or /usr/share/grafana/.aws but nothing work. I think this could be bug need to fix asap.

The real error message is in your Grafana logs - you will have to check there to get more details.