Grafana 4.6.1 - Alerting list is too big

I recently upgraded Grafana from 4.5 to 4.6.1. Alerting List looks too big. In 4.5, it was same size as other panels in the same row. I wonder if anyone shows how to make the change in 4.6 or it is a bug? I tried to change the value for the max items, but it did not change the view size. I can see the same thing on Grafana play env - Alerting list is oversized.


It is not oversized the main title is using default font size. There was a minor change in the design of this list but that was deliberate.

We will add a scrollbar to this panel in v5

Thanks for the update…Just curious if it is possible to manually add a scroll bar in 4.6.1? I mean some file changes.