GlobalNOC Network Map Panel

Hi all. I am very new to Grafana but have been able to install it over a new Zabbix server install. I am new to Zabbix as well but I am having some successes with it. I have successfully configured Zabbix to poll a couple of our microwave radios via SNMPv3 and pull back several key performance statistics that need to be actively monitored. Once that was done and getting data, I jumped right in and installed Grafana and its Zabbix plugin. Within a couple of days, I was able to build a pretty good dashboard from the Zabbix data.

Now I would like to be able to use the globalnoc-networkmap-panel to build a realtime network map of the entire microwave path to provide an overview of the system.

I can find it at GitHub but it does not include any installation notes so I am unsure of how to install the plugin manually. The not include any installation instructions.

Do any of you know where I can find the installation instructions or point me to where I can find instructions to install it manually? Thanks in advance.

git clone the plugin repo into your grafana plugins directory /var/lib/grafana/plugins on linux

Excellent!! Thanks very much.

I had a sneaking suspicion that was what was needed but being new to the platform, I thought it would be wise to ask first.

BTW - I am very impressed with the platform’s robustness. While I am just a network person and I mostly just want to have a clear and concise picture of my network and its components, I can see its use in other areas and tied to other input sources.

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Hello fcrooks,
I will also set up the plugin with Zabbix in database it interests me to have your feedback on how to configure the plugin

thank you

The README file does not tell you. But, you need to read the BUILD file for the installation instructions. I had to install node.js first before I could perform the commands in the BUILD file.

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Hello fcrooks,

I am working on the integration of Zabbix and globalnoc-networkmap-panel on Grafana currently. I installed the globalnoc-networkmap-panel in the Grafana, but the map cannot show successfully. Could you please give some instructions about how to show the map and import related data from Zabbix?

Thanks for your time and help.



Well, unfortunately, I am at the same point you are at. I have it installed and Grafana sees it but can not seem to get it to show up successfully.

At that point, I needed to move on because of several other projects. As such, I have not been able to return back to that.

Sorry I could not be of any help on this.

The Very Best Regards

Fred Crooks

Hello Fred,

Thanks for your prompt reply. It seems like I need to find other methods to figure out this problem.



Hi all.

Did anyone managed to integrate globalnoc-networkmap-panel with zabbix datasource on grafana?
Or any other datasource which not TSDS, e.g. mysql?


Hi, I would also be interested in using this plugin but could not get it to work.

Boa tarde, voce conseguiu instalar o plugin?