Gitlab trigger invalid syntax - using grafana/k6:0.41.0

Can someone point me to the right spot. Trigger K6 test from gitlab yaml using loadimpact/k6 Docker however, image has been replaced by grafana/k6. Now getting this error.
Sample Script from yaml

   - docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:${PWD} -w ${PWD} -i grafana/k6:0.41.0 run --vus 5 --duration 5m  -e TEST_PASSWORD=1234abc -e TEST_USERNAME=testuser -<${LOAD_SCRIPT_FILENAME} 

This is the error: (happens on “duration” and -e)

"invalid argument \"--duration\" for \"-u, --vus\" flag: strconv.ParseInt: parsing \"--duration\": invalid syntax"

Hi @chingher90,

I can’t reproduce this locally, given the error message I expect that:

  1. you didn’t actually have the 5 after the --vus so it was --vus --duration
  2. the way these arguments are provided make it seem to docker as they are one argument so it isn’t --vus then 5 than … it is one big string.

But I can’t confirm this, without more info. And I am not certain what exactly to ask you so maybe try gitlab supports if the above isn’t enough for you to think of how this could happen.

Hope this helps!