Getting the Url of uploaded resources

How to get all the downloadable resources on the background of the page opening?
Example, if I open a page and I will open DevTools(Network), then I will see how resources (js, css and other resources) are loaded in the background. How can I get resource addresses through k6 browser?

Hi @PaulM,

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This is what I’ve picked up from your post:

  1. You run a test e.g. page.goto("")
  2. You want to be able to record the list of requests that are made when Chrome navigates to, such as js, css and other resources.

Is this correct? If so we have an open issue which you can keep a track of for page.on events and specifically for page.on(‘response’) which will help you track implicit/dependency requests. Please add a :+1: and any more context (your specific use-case) to the issue which will help prioritise this.

In the meantime you may find this comment useful.

Let me know if that helps or not.


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