Getting no data when combining two working queries


I’m new to grafana and I’m trying to set up a dashboard for stats related to my unbound dns resolver. I’m using prometheus and unbound exporter as data sources, the host is an archlinux arm64 machine with grafana 10.2.0 (compiled from source).

I’ve managed to access the basic metrics but I’m running into a wall trying to display a simple percentage calculation. I’m trying to show the percentage from these two basic queries:


When I put

unbound_answer_rcodes_total{rcode=“NXDOMAIN”} / unbound_queries_total

I get ‘no data’. Each query works fine on its own, displaying an increasing counter as expected. However I can’t seem to combine them into a percentage. Dividing by another number works, but not by the value of the second query.

Any help is appreciated