Geomap Network layer beta V10.1 comments

First, thanks for developing this geomap Network Layer, this layer is at the core of my application. Here my comments about the beta version available in Grafana V10.1.

Tooltips don’t seem to be implemented, they show “Layer 3 /n frameNodes 1: [Object Object]”. It will be great if the Network Layer Tooltip is the same as the one found in the Markers Layer, with arbitrary field names not prefixed with “detail__” and, the possibility to add Data Links. For both layers, the ability to select the list of fields listed in the Tooltip, feature available in mapgl, will be an appreciated enhancement.

Arrows are too small, almost impossible to see.

**Arbitrary field names **
It will be simpler on the query side if field names (i.e. longitude, latitude, mainstat, title) are selectable, like done in the Markers Layer.

“Data” selection
When implemented with two Static data source queries, the “Data” attribute needs to be unselected to work. Should there is two query selectors, one to select the Nodes and one to select the Edges?

Nodes without Edges
Nodes are not shown until Edges are configured exactly as expected. This makes the development and debugging more difficult.

Edge id
The edge id (Unique identifier of the edge) is not an information readily available or easy to generate. The current implementation works without it. Hope this feature will be maintained.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more details or feedbacks.


@lemikev hello,
Would you mind giving the same type of feedback about Mapgl plugin in terms of network monitoring?

This is my review of MAPGL

MAPGL targets a different use case, notifications monitoring. In my case, I’m more interested to the network topology and link performance.


The list of fields shown in the tooltip is not configurable. Field names don’t seem to be customizable, even with the “Organize fields” transform.

Data links

MAPGL don’t support data links. In my case, I need to configure a data link on each Node and each Edge to access a dashboard with further details.

Edge tooltip

Tooltip can’t be configured on Edges between nodes and parents.

Multiple parents

This feature seems to be supported in the new version, but I didn’t find examples nor documentation on it.

Any updates on the current development of the GEOMAP network layer?

you might want to post in the github repo. and remember it is beta.

The beta version, a pre-release build of software that may contain bugs or performance issues, is released after the alpha phase in the software release life cycle

  • Need a way to toggle a layer on/off

  • Need a way to filter edges for one or more nodes. If you have a ton of data, the UI becomes unreadable. Example:

    • More generally I’d like the UI to present complex topologies in a clean way. I don’t think it’s easy to display all edges at once… something to figure out.
  • Would like an indicator for stacked nodes. If you have multiple nodes in the same lat/lon, there’s no way to tell unless you hover the node and see there’s multiple nodes in that location. You can look to leaflet for how it implements node clustering UI.

  • None of the options to configure a nodes color/radius with data fields seems to work. I followed this data structure but it didn’t work. Node graph | Grafana documentation

I would post this in the grafana’s github where developers will