GCS bucket name and storage prefix

              backend: gcs
                bucket_name: my-unique-bucket-name
                service_account: | ${GCP_CREDENTIALS}

            backend: gcs
            storage_prefix: blocks
            backend: gcs
            storage_prefix: alertmanager
            backend: gcs
            storage_prefix: ruler

The result is:

error validating config: invalid bucket config: ruler storage:
  GCS bucket name and storage prefix cannot be the same
  as the one used in blocks storage config

I am not sure why I am getting this error. The storage_prefix is obviously different in both the ruler_storage and the blocks_storage config sections.

I am unable to discover any clarification on this in the documentation. However, I do see that Mimir will fail if I use the same bucket name and storage prefix. The bucket name is the same for all, which is why I am specifying a storage_prefix. Do they all require a different bucket name? If that is the case, then the storage_prefix is useless.

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