Gather k6 reports from k8s operator pods


I’m trying to adapt GitHub - grafana/k6-operator: An operator for running distributed k6 tests. to our workflow and need to get JSON reports (–summary-export) for future aggregation. I understand that such reports are deprecated but anyway maybe there is a way to get them.

I’ve successfully launched scenario using k8s operator and see

      /test from k6-test-volume (rw)

in pod description.

Could anybody suggest how it is possible to tweak k6 resource description to mount directory to tunner to get reports or to get access to k6-test-volume mentioned above (do not see it in kubectl get all).

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Gim6626,
Sorry for the delay, I was offline. Yes, you can do that if you use volumeClaim option for your script. It’s mentioned in Readme. Also, additional info is in new PR now so you can see a more detailed explanation for volumes here:

I believe this should be sufficient for the JSON reports but let me know if there’s anything else.