Garafana to monitor ESXI network usage

I’m trying to monitor ESXI severs counters through vcenter server with TIG cluster (Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana).
Integration is successful ,but counters monitored and reported by vcenter is not always matching value visualized by grafana

By try and error, below configuration is reporting right numbers to monitor the ESXI network usage average.

As shown in below snapshot ,vcenter is reporting 1,469,251 KBbps which is equivalent to 11.2 Gbps.
In order to have this value on grafana, only if the unit if Mbps and math function is used to divide the value by 20.
Although counters are matching, still i don’t understand how this combination is working :slight_smile:
Any idea how this is working?

This is the conversion calculation:

in your screenshot you are multiplying by the mean() and then dividing by 20 as you said, what is the value of mean()?

can you try changing the unit to kilobytes per second, make sure its bytes not bits, and remove the additional calculations as well, and grafana should do the correct conversion.