Gantt vars combined with standard vars inside standard graph

Hi. It is possible to combine gannt vars like var(open,close) in standart graph please ?

What do you envision your graph to look like? Would it be like a standard Gantt chart?

I would display in graph some Bool/ 2state vars as gannts boiler ON/OFF, warming enabled etc.
and some vars like temperatures etc. standart as “curved” lines on y axis an time on x axis.
This means on query level should be possible to define a variable as gannt line and other as standard time queries.

AFAIK, that will require multiple panels (each with it’s own query, like this):

The bottom two are State timelines.

YES thanks, but it will be nice to have gannt and standard in one graph or ?
It belongs together, if you scroll with ruler.
Maybe a wish in next versions of beautiful grafana.
I used this combination often in professional Scada system like zenon from Copadata.

You do not need to install that plugin. Use the State timeline graph.

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I have a question. Can I disable showing of x-axis in a

Timeline diagram please ?

There is no option to hide the x-axis as far as I am aware of.

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